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Given the increasing concern over Coronavirus (COVID-19),the staff and supporters of this artwork initiative are working to support the artist community while transitioning to remote work. Understanding that many artists are working through challenges to submission, we encourage all to continue submitting their work under the Request for Qualifications – open through May 8th.  As schedules and processes are actively evolving, we will be switching to rolling notification for all artists,which is planned to extend to June 1st

Thank you to all the artists that have already submitted their beautiful work – we appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and ask that you bear with us as we all push forward together as a creative community. 

*** UPDATE: Submissions are now closed, and artists will be notified if they are shortlisted over the course of July. Please note that due to the volume of response, we are unable to respond to individual artists until selected for shortlisting. ***

Mission and Vision

The mission of Children's Hospital and Medical Center (CHMC) is to improve the life of every child—through dedication to exceptional clinical care, research, education, and advocacy.

In alignment with this vision, a special initiative is being under taken to commission and curate artwork that elevates the experience for all who use the important spaces on our campus. Studies on patient satisfaction have shown that patients are more likely to have better health outcomes if they have a positive experience; we believe a healing arts initiative is an important part of helping craft that supportive and positive experience. A hospital’s healing arts program provides opportunities for powerful healing experiences for patients and families facing illness and health challenges.Healing arts have been proven to: help reduce pain perception, anxiety,loneliness and depression; improve sleep; reduce lengths of stay; and provide ways to process difficult emotions like frustration, grief and anger.

Requests for Proposal

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is currently building the Hubbard Center for Children, a cutting-edge addition to the campus that will improve and save countless young lives. In alignment with this exciting expansion, a special initiative to commission and curate artwork is being launched. The initiative seeks to partner with artists to infuse spaces with beautiful and healing art that elevates the experience for children,caregivers, staff, and the full community that the Hubbard Center will serve.

There is a wide range of site opportunities for artwork sites throughout the Hubbard Center, including for art in  many scales and media. We aim to celebrate the talent in the region that the hospital serves,so special consideration will be given to artists and teams with a tie to the Midwest.

The RFPs are grouped below in alignment with potential medium, scale, technical requirements or limitations, and estimated budget ranges that the committee and design team has identified throughout the new Hubbard Center. Each PDF includes specific requirements,submission instructions and timeline details. With hundreds of potential locations, interested artists are also invited to share their existing portfolio through the ongoing Open Request for Qualifications to be considered for non-listed future projects, including exhibition opportunities.

CHMC Story

Since its founding in 1948 in the midst of the polio epidemic, Children's Hospital and Medical Center (CHMC) has been on the leading edge of pediatric care in Omaha and across the region. This has led to steady,significant growth in the number of patients served and the variety of programs and services provided. Last year, CHMC touched the lives of more than 163,000 children.

Growth projections make it abundantly clear CHMC must grow—in scope and space—to continue to meet the needs of children and their families.The demand for high-quality pediatric care is great and Children’s has engaged HDR to help them expand their role as the region’s pediatric health care leader.

This project is part of the hospital’s ‘Changing Lives Together’ Capital Campaign, seeks to improve the health and well-being of the smallest and sickest among us for generations to come—and transform CHMC into one of the world’s greatest epicenters of pediatric health care.

The CHMC Art Selection Committee officially invites and welcomes proposals for the upcoming expansion to our facility in Omaha. We are seeking a wide variety of artwork in alignment with the Children’s Hospital Arts Program mission to enhance patient care by creating a healing environment. Art-infused environments complement health care by creating a stimulating,nurturing, and attractive atmosphere for the benefit of patients, their families, visitors and staff.

The objective and ultimate goal for this project is to support a positive experience for patients during their time at Omaha Children’s Hospital. Evidence shows that patients are more likely to have better health outcomes after treatment if they have a positive experience. We believe that art can elevate that experience.

Omaha’s CHMC is a high-traffic institution, providing the opportunity to positively influence 500,000+ visitors from the surrounding region annually. We’re seeking artwork that is attractive, meaningful, and relevant, and will provide a positive distraction to patients, families, care staff, and the wider community.

The CHMC Art Selection Committee has full oversight for the selection of artists and specific works of art for this project. Artists or artist teams throughout the United States are eligible to submit, however it is important that the new collection reflect the talent and stories of the region that the hospital serves. Special considerations will be given to artists from Nebraska and surrounding states in the Midwest.

Project Renderings

*Denotes changes to the submission deadline

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